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GET vs. POST: What's the difference?

POST and GET are the two most-used RESTful HTTP methods. But how well versed are you on the differences between them?

How to apply the Liskov substitution principle in Java

The Liskov substitution principle is often mistaken for polymorphism and inheritance. To really understand the SOLID LSP, you must understand the nuance and distinction.

Quickly install MySQL for developers

Need a well-maintained, open-source, standards-based database to test your Java apps and Spring Boot microservices? Here's how to download and install the MySQL Community Edition.

How to print any star pattern in Python -- or Mojo

Mojo is a superset of Python. What does that mean? For one, printing a Python star pattern looks a lot like solving a Mojo star pattern.

REST vs RESTful API: What's the difference?

Are your APIs RESTful? The only way to know is to fully understand what REST is. Here's how REST and RESTful APIs work together.

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