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Advanced Java pattern matching techniques, with examples

Dive deeper into Java pattern matching techniques with these examples that range from nested records to type inference, variables and generics.

Constructor overloading in Java

Not every language supports method overloading, but Java always has. Here's how to perform constructor overloading in Java.

4 distributed ledger technology risks and how to solve them

Ready to use distributed ledger technologies for smart contracts or other transactions? Know what risks to avoid and overcome to maximize these platforms for your organization.

Introduction to pattern matching in Java

Pattern matching in Java helps developers better describe data structures and avoid runtime errors, while making code more readable and easier to maintain. Here's how it works.

Pivoting your developer career into AI? Here's what to know

Want to pivot your software development career and focus on AI? Here's how to pick from several paths, hone specific skills and evaluate potential AI roles and organizations.

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