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Replace master-slave terminology in your code

Software companies have found alternatives for master-slave terminology to describe their distributed systems. It's time for the rest of the IT world to do the same.

Best practices for RESTful paths and queries

Choose carefully for path and query parameters in URL design. Lackluster choices in the design phase can plague client resource access down the road.

Don't jump all-in on serverless without consideration

Experts urge cautious optimism around serverless development. It has its benefits, but tools that don't work as expected and a developer learning curve can cause some problems.

Keep software developers in the sales process loop

Should developers be privy to the ins and outs of software sales? A strong business relationship can be mighty helpful in this expensive and tedious process.

Step-by-step Jenkins Artifactory integration tutorial

Jenkins and Artifactory integration can be a major timesaver for DevOps engineers. Follow these five steps for an easy plugin installation in your CI/CD pipelines.

Coffee Talk: News & Insight

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