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How to create an executable JAR file for Java web apps

There's nothing magical about packaging Java web apps in an executable JAR file. This tutorials shows you how to embed Tomcat and run your Java web apps from the command line.

Forget Maven and Gradle, Apache Ant still does the job

Plenty of companies still use the Apache Ant tool in Java development cycles and as part of their continuous deployments. Here's why Apache Ant is still a great choice for CI/CD.

Docker flips the art of packaging Java web apps on its head

The packaging of Java programs has taken an interesting turn, as the original JAR format becomes a favorite even for Java web apps deployed as microservices.

Code complexity and the cyclomatic complexity metric

An understanding of how to calculate McCabe cyclomatic complexity in Java is the first step in better testing and improved software quality.

What are the best automated Java test tools?

How do Selenium, Junit, Grinder and other automated testing tools work? Here's a tool-centric guide to unit testing, integration testing, load testing and more.

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