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9 tips to improve Python performance

Python performance gets a bad rap compared with languages such as Java. Use these tips to identify and fix problems in your Python code to tweak its performance.

Idempotent HTTP methods and REST

The Hypertext Transport Protocol requires all HTTP verbs to identify as idempotent or not. But what is an idempotent method, and how does idempotence apply to RESTful API design?

Understanding TypeScript generics

Programming languages such as Java, C# and Swift use generics to create code that's reusable and enforce type safety. In this tutorial, learn how generics in TypeScript work.

5 tips and career advice for young tech professionals

Want to be taken seriously as the youngest member of a tech team? Start networking, don't be afraid to ask questions and polish your communications skills.

The dangers of Python import and how enterprises can be safe

The Python import statement carries a security risk that developers and enterprises need to watch out for. Here's how it works and why there's no easy fix.

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