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Kubectl apply vs. create: What's the difference?

The Kubernetes command-line tool, kubectl lets you control your Kubernetes clusters. But two of its operations -- apply and create -- can often be confused.

Vagrant vs. Docker: How these cloud-native tools differ

Both Docker and Vagrant are important parts of a cloud-native stack, but they have very different roles when it comes to supporting containers and VMs within the CI/CD process.

Introduction to Docker quiz

These Docker questions and answers will test your knowledge of the fundamentals of Docker, but it won't be easy. Take this quiz and see if we can stump you.

Kebab vs. camel case: How these naming conventions differ

What is the difference between a variable written in kebab case vs. camel case? Here we'll show you how these naming conventions differ and when to use one over the other.

Library vs. framework: How these software artifacts differ

Libraries are low-level components that deliver a specific function, such as establishing a network connection. A framework is a known programing environment, such as Spring Boot.

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