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Jira story vs. epic: What's the difference?

Anyone who has opened a Scrum board in Jira knows projects are organized into stories and epics. But what exactly is the difference between the two of them?

How the back-ends-for-front-ends pattern works

A back-ends-for-front-ends microservices pattern uses an API layer to preprocess data, handle calls and responses, and simplify development efforts. Here's how it all works.

Java records tutorial

Java is constantly evolving, but some changes are more significant than others. This Java records tutorial teaches you about this decade's largest language enhancement to date.

Java's default constructor tutorial

They say you don't get anything for free, but in the world of software development, Java developers can use the default constructor without paying any price.

Use sealed classes in Java to control your inheritance

Need to limit the number of possible subclasses in your codebase? Here comes Java's sealed classes to your rescue.

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