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Learn how to use the git stash command

Sometimes developers need to jump off the main distributed development branch to local storage. Follow this git stash tutorial to learn the ins and outs of this Git command.

Here's how Fluentd got its name

Dreaming of wide-scale adoption for your new project? You'll need the right name. Here's how Fluentd got its name, and what you can learn from its SEO-driven process.

When should you use Ansible vs. Terraform?

There is some overlap between the two tools, but they really should coexist. Here we show you where Ansible and Terraform fit into your cloud-native, DevOps stack.

Is a Docker or Kubernetes certification worth it?

Some DevOps professionals shun industry certifications. But in the cloud-native world, Docker and Kubernetes certifications make prospective job candidates stand out from the rest.

How developers can help build a diversified workforce

Diversity comes in many forms. One way to diversify your workforce is to find new applications for the unique skills developers bring to your organization.

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