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Is HTML a programming language?

Unlike Java, Python or C, HTML is not a programming language because it lacks variables, conditional statements or iterative loops. But so what? HTML has a bigger role to play.

8 tech jobs that don't require coding

Looking for an IT job that doesn't involve coding? These eight tech roles are important in any organization, with no programming required.

Agile versus Scrum: What's the difference?

What's the difference between Agile and Scrum? What are their similarities? Learn how to compare and contrast these two popular software development frameworks and methodologies.

How to communicate effectively in the workplace

Don't bury the lead. Grab your audience's attention early. Be graceful when others disagree. These and other tips will help you communicate more effectively with your peers.

What are checked vs. unchecked exceptions in Java?

Understand the difference between checked and unchecked exceptions in Java, and learn how to handle these problem conditions properly and gracefully.

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