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Is Java compiled or interpreted?

Learn the difference between compiled languages like Go and interpreted ones like Java. One language is platform agnostic. The other can run a bit faster.

Incorporate diversity and inclusion in technology design

DEI in technology is about more than creating a diverse workplace. We talked to a few DEI professionals about how teams build tools with diversity and inclusion in mind.

Microsoft previews OpenJDK distro to the delight of devs

In a move meant to attract more Java developers to its Azure cloud and further support the Java community, Microsoft launched a preview of its own distribution of OpenJDK.

Supreme Court ruling on Java APIs eases developer worries

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled for Google over Oracle in their high-stakes copyright battle over Java APIs, developers can rest easier -- but some questions linger.

How do you become a developer advocate?

For those who love to code and want to share their IT knowledge, the developer advocate job might be a good fit. Learn how to make the transition from developer to advocate.

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