Eight Git commands every GitLab developer must know

If a developer wants to be proficient with GitLab, there are a few basic Git commands they need to know. While developers don’t need to know every Git command — and they certainly don’t need to worry about any of the Git plumbing commands — there are a few Git porcelain commands that they should be familiar with.

Basic Git commands for GitLab development

Every developer should know the following eight basic Git commands:

  1. git clone
  2. git push
  3. git pull
  4. git merge
  5. git init
  6. git commit
  7. git status
  8. git log or reflog

With these basic Git commands under their belt, developers can be well on their way to competent and easy DVCS in Git and GitLab.

Check out this tutorial to learn more about how to use GitLab.


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