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    I'm using Xalan (_j 2.0.1) to transform ejb-jar.xml into a set of HTML pages.

    The template we have for ejb-jar.xml includes the line:

    <!DOCTYPE ejb-jar PUBLIC '-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Enterprise JavaBeans 1.1//EN' ''>

    Xalan throws this out as follows:

    XSL Error: Could not parse file:C:/ghstemp/ejb-jar.xml document!
    Xalan: was not successful.
    XSLProcessor: done

    Any ideas why this occurs and how one can avoid it (apart from the current solution of hand-editing the file before translating!)?

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    I am assuming this is happening due to the fact that the input stream validation is set to true. Use the XMLReader as the input to the transform method, and set the validation feature to false. Check the Xlan or Xerces documentation on how to achieve this using either the DOM or the SAX Parser.