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    Can a java class with static methods replace SLSB when none of the application server features like transaction etc is used.

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    I am a Weblogic instructor and when I teach EJBs, specifically, SLSB, to my students I often tell them to think of it as a regular Java class whose methods are all static. And just that point makes everything clear to, well, most of them. If you don't need the services provided by the app server, I think you are better off in using regular Java classes for this purpose. If you do it this way, you get to save memory space on the server and perhaps some performance gain. Remember that each client wishing to call an SLSB method will be provided their own instance thus using up memory. With a regular Java class with static methods (better yet, make it also Singleton) you are sure there will only be one instance that will reply to your client requests.
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    As long u r not in a clustered environmernt its fine.
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    Why does a clustered environment matter? Does it?
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    It would be of great help if you could refer some URL or explain in detail the impact in clustered environment
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    Check this article on "Clustering Stateless Session Beans" at

    It might give you some pointers.