Assume I am building a website. My colleague is building a separate website. I want to display content from his website in the context of mine - transparent access to his content.

I see that I will have to do the following:

 * Transparently login into his site from mine
 * Retrieve content from his site
 * Remap all the HREFs to point to my server
 * Provide a mechanism to do the reverse mapping (i.e. when one of these modified HREFs is requested, I can determine which resource to request from his site)
 * I MAY have to do other massaging of the HTML, if I want to enforce my own look and feel on the site.
 * Handle cookies transparently

In other word, act as a browser to his site.

What is the best approach to to solving this?

I was thinking of cutting something myself based on HttpUnit. Then I discovered reverse proxies with iplanet and apache and jigsaw and squid (but I'm not clear how this technique deals with transparent login)

But I know this must be a very well solved problem and I just want to know how other people have gone about this, and their experiences with it.

Many thanks for your thoughts,