IBM announces WebSphere 3.5


News: IBM announces WebSphere 3.5

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    The long awaited announcement of WebSphere 3.5. For WebSphere users it is a much needed upgrade and alongwith the IBM Visual Age for Java upgrade to 3.5 version, gives a the whole platform a boost.

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    Uh, am I reading that right? WebSphere is still EJB 1.0 and JSP 1.0? Geez..
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    Yes,IBM plans to unveil EJB 1.1 specification compliant server only by August 2000.However,I feel they have most of the 1.1 compliant stuff since long.
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    Considering that BEA just released their EJB 2.0 beta (June 2000), an August release of EJB 1.1 for IBM definitely worries me.
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    For an IBM persepective on what Standards WebSphere supports and their reply refer to this page.

  6. Yes. You are correct. In ver 3.5 WebSphere, still JSP 1.0 and EJB 1.0 and Servlet 2.1.
    Certain things we need to live with that.
    -Senthil Kumar
  7. IBM's spending 1 Billion dollars on already bloated engineering & product teams .. and still JSP 1.0 / Servlet 2.1 / EJB 1.0 ? They will never make it to the ejb 2.0 at this rate. What are we supposed to do ? wait for the next release? sorry - i dont think so.

    Larry Kim
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    You can, of course, switch to a platform from a progressive company like WebLogic.
  9. From the announcement, however, it's also clear that IBM has not upgraded Websphere's EJB support to the EJB 1.1 spec. This is an important shortcoming, in my opinion. In fact, it's quite worrying as IBM still disagrees with Sun over the J2EE branding issue.
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    IBM is just out of the world.
    They just added j2 support. Still EJB1.0, no query language
    like Weblogic, different persistence approch from advanced edition and enterprise edition (Component Broker)
    Therefore, they are not even portable within the Websphere family.
    They are sleeping and screwing up the good technologies
    behind these products (expecially Component Broker)
    Today to have a good name is no longer enough
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    I really hate this. VAJ Professional
    is my favorite IDE but they're killing
    me by not adding support for Servlet 2.2
    and JSP1.1 and EJB 1.1....I bet when they
    finally support EJB 1.1 they won't even
    include minimal EJB in VAJ Professional...
    just enterprise...maybe I should start looking