1) For each servlet defined in web.xml, and for example, lets say we have the following servlet defined in web.xml...
..am I required to define a mapping as well? It seems that I cant manage to access the servlet from my browser when I dont define a mapping. However, if I add the following mapping....
..I'm able to access the servlet. I guess coming from a ServletExec background and moving into J2EE, things are a bit different.
2) My other question is this: How do you programmatically access environment variables defined in web.xml? For example, if I define the following environment variable to be used by some class....
..how can I access the value of error.logpath from my code? I think I read somewhere that you can use jndi to access this value, but Jesus man!, isn't using jndi to access properties such as the one above a bit resource-intensive?