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        Our environment is WAS 3.5. We operate in a load balanced environment.Our applicaiton is a combination of a servlet, a Stateful Session bean and an Entity Bean. We are using session persistance and session affinity to operate in this multi server environment.We're getting this following error.Don't know the reason why??

    8817c4 SessionContex X BackedHashtable:commonSetup - problem streaming object java.lang.NullPointerException
    at Code)

    it also gives the following error in the stderr.logs

    " Server caught unhandled exception from servlet [JSP 1.0 Processor]: Error during native write operation! Status Code: -1"

        We are using WebSphere session affinity which appears to be working ok. We also use WebSphere persistent sessions, so that if we do get routed to the other server, our session information should be available.

      We reviewed our code and also ran some tests where we intentionally serialized our httpSession and it worked. If there was a problem here I think stdout would tell us that something could not be serialized.So I don't think there is a prob with the objects not serialied etc.,

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, Did you solve that issue?? Am also facing the same problem. I am also using Websphere 3.5. The code is working fine for so long. Now we tested it in a new environment nad this problem is coming. TIA