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    The Open For Business Project is an open source project that aims to provide reusable J2EE tools, frameworks and applications. The framework includes components for Service, Entity, Workflow, and Rule Engines, and model-2 web application framework, and more. The first 2.0 beta release represents the completion of all of the major pieces of the framework.

    Check it out at

    More info:
    For those who have been waiting for a stable release to get started with OFBiz, here you go. We plan to make the 2.0 Final release backward compatible with this release. Some things may be added, but configuration files and code that uses the APIs should need no changing.

    Check it out at

    This first beta release of version 2.0 represents the completion of all of the main components of the OFBiz framework. Other framework components will be added as the project progresses, but the most important architectural enablers are now in place.

    The framework includes various components including Service, Entity, Workflow, and Rule Engines, a MiniLang domain specific XML scripting language, and a web application framework including a Model 2 control servlet and a Composite View pattern implementation.

    A number of people have contributed to this release that are regular users of Open For Business, including (in no particular order) Chris Nelson, Chris Worley, Mike Cannon-Brookes, Victor Salaman, Dustin Caldwell, and Ian Pojman. In addition to these people we have received recommendations and feedback from dozens of users and enthusiasts of OFBiz. Thanks everyone!

    This release includes a number of bug fixes and cleanups that have been uncovered by use of the software in the project, and now that it is in beta we would like even more help making sure things work as expected, and as desired.

    Please download it and let us know how it works for you and how it fits with your needs!

    David Jones and Andy Zeneski
    The Open For Business Project
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    Open source project gets more and more a whole solution. This one is more ambitious. I'd like to have a try, but the site seems irresponsive.

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    Anyone reached their site?
    I can't get it.why?
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    Which site is it that you are having trouble getting at? The site should be up pretty consistently since it is hosted on SourceForge, the same with the site.

    The demo site at may not always be available since it is running on my firewall at home and my internet connection goes down on occassion. We should get that hosted somewhere better soon though...

    -David Jones
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    (warning: Partly gratuitous plug - partly useful information, you make the choice ;))

    If you're looking for a real world example of OFBiz, our application JIRA uses the entity engine part of the framework.

    It's a J2EE based issue/bug/feature tracker which runs on Orion/OC4J/JBoss (it's free for Open Source projects to use). OSS projects is utilises include OFBiz, OSUser, OSCore, OSCache, SiteMesh and WebWork - with a little Velocity thrown in for email. Overall it's a great example app for these technologies.

    The entity engine framework is really good for us (we moved to it from CMP entity beans) because it allows us to be database independent, while not writing any JDBC code, on every J2EE server.

    All the nifty features that some servers have (like automatic table creation) are there for you - but work on every server. For us (distributing an application) the ability to automatically add and alter columns when upgrading is also a godsend.

    Anyway, just thought I'd give my support to what David said - you should really check it out, OFBiz is a neat project - entity beans aren't always the best way to do things ;) (TMTOWTDI!)

    See for a running example of JIRA, or to download (the download gives a great example of how OFBiz can be integrated into a normal J2EE app).


    PS We're only using the entity engine part of OFBiz, there is a lot more to it like the workflow and services engine.

    PPS Looking forward to meeting up with everyone in SF at JavaOne next week. If anyone wants to chat about JIRA, OFBiz or porting J2EE apps - feel free to drop me an email (mike at atlassian dot com)