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    Hi there,

    I'm in charge of research J2EE technology for my company, thus quite newbie in this area, but familiar with some concepts like distributed systems, patterns and frameworks.

    I have a basic question, perhaps TOO basic... I've just started to read CORE J2EE PATTERNS, and I like to know if the bunch of interconnecting patterns presented in the book
    could provide a generic FrameWork like a "library tier" for any kind of project, or I just could use it as a kind of "analysis reuse" resource, ie in a new project Instead of start it from ground, I'll have a basic skelleton of the flows of the system "pre" idealized.

    I have no practice *yet* on develop this kind of system. Any help, like documentation, FAQs, examples, cases... will be welcome.

    Thank You,

    Nilseu Padilha

  2. I'm not exactly sure if I understood your question completely. But if you are looking for some kind of "framework" to reduce the low-level programming in Web/EJB, check out Struts or WebWork. There are others too - proprietary ones like the Cajun framework (if you're using BEA Weblogic).


  3. You had answer me, and I already take a look at Jakarta's Strut page, then i get some info about Velocity templates. I've imagined something like that.

    Do you have any opinion about the classes and tags that come with Oracle Jdeveloper (jbo)? I guess that it is a Model 1 library...

    Thank You,

    Nilseu Padilha
  4. I'm not familiar with that specific framework - but I would assume that it is a proprietary framework with all the advantages & disadvantages that a proprietary framework carries ... maybe you should check the Oracle site for more docs etc.

  5. If you are evaluating web application frameworks, make sure you look at Tapestry ( IMHO it is much superior to struts/JSP.