JIRA - J2EE-based Issue Tracking and Project Management


News: JIRA - J2EE-based Issue Tracking and Project Management

  1. Atlassian is proud to announce the release of JIRA 1.0 - our new issue tracking and project management application.

    Tracking and managing the issues (bugs, features, tasks, enhancements) is critical but something that most development teams do poorly.

    JIRA is a J2EE-based, issue tracking and project management application developed to make this process easier for your team.

    Now you can finally get rid of that old, ugly Bugzilla install ;)

    website: http://www.atlassian.com/software/jira

    demo: http://jira.atlassian.com

    See the website for more details, a full tour of the features, evaluation and download options.

    For licensing, JIRA is a commercial product available with developer source - but free for Open Source projects and non-profit companies.

    JIRA is also used by our partners as an embeddable J2EE component for project management and task tracking.

  2. Absolutely marvellous! Great job guys!

    And, ahem, since you're using WebWork for it, I'm doubly pleased ;-)

  3. Does it have the ability to link CVS checkins to issues, like cvszilla?
  4. Viktor,

    JIRA has the ability to send & receive information from just about anywhere, using the listener and service interfaces that are available.

    One service that ships with JIRA (although not enabled by default) can import information from email - allowing your users to comment on issues via email. Another reads cvs commit emails and updates the issue accordingly.

    Documentation for listeners and services is being written at the moment, and more will be available as defaults in future versions. At this time, you can still create your own service to import information from just about anywhere.

  5. Integration with ANT[ Go to top ]

    Does JIRA have integration with ANT ?

    In our current build system we're having problems with the version numbers because it was difficult to integrate ANT and TestDirector from Mercury. We tried to use the COM interface that TestDirector offers, but the interface wasn't at all that elegant, easy and flexible as the documentation claimed.

    So do JIRA have predefined ANT tasks for incrementing and removing old version numbers from JIRA ?
  6. We just started using JIRA at Javalobby to track issues with the new system and code that we upgraded to. So far its worked great and I look forward to the next release where I hope to see some cool features I've wanted :)

    Lead Developer
  7. Congrats!

    I've been using JIRA since it's early stages and I must say that it is a fantastic bug tracking system. I use it at work at Cisco Systems for tracking bugs in several projects, and I also use it to keep track of the open source projects at www.opensymhpony.com.

    The UI is excellent, which is a lot more than one can say about Request Tracker (also used at work) or Bugzilla. The open API is also very nice, it assures me that if there is any feature I need right away, I can go ahead and implement it right away. Fortunately, JIRA does just about everything I need (except for a couple open issues at jira.atlassian.com).

    The other nice thing about JIRA is that it can be tied directly in to your J2EE program, especially if you are using OSUser in your application. I was able to take out the WAR and JAR deployables from JIRA and deploy them in my application's EAR file. That way anyone who has an account with my application automatically has an account in JIRA also. It makes the user experience very easy, even for non-developers.

  8. I’ve been looking around for a bug tracking system for ages. We've been using Jira at FT Interactive Data internally since February this year, and even when it was in Beta, we found it had a strong feature set, and immediate uses.
    Although Jira is obviously designed with usage over the internet in mind, we are using it completely within the local intranet. And for somebody as disorganised as myself (i.e. writing bug reports on the back of napkins!) this is starting to get my working life into some sort of order.
    I must also congratulate Atlassian on the inventive uses of Ant with this project, I think they are truly pushing the vendor neutral platform of J2EE, as they supply a naked .ear file, you just inform ant which appserver/datastore your targeting et voila. Amazing. Hopefully more J2EE projects will try to take this line in the future.
    Jira also seems to be a goldmine of J2EE good practices, I will also be scouring their code to learn how to use Xdoclet, Webwork, Velocity, and the amazing ofbiz entity engine.
  9. I too would like to give props to JIRA - It's amazing. Not only is it a wonderful product for development companies of all types (not just software!)...

    it's an amazingly well designed and portable app showcasing J2EE's best open source frameworks. The OpenSymphony, WebWork, and Open For Business elements are truely wonderful.. and JIRA is living proof of just how well they can work.

    The system is incredibly flexible and fast, and it's already begun saving us all a lot of stress and increasing our productivity!

    - Ian, software developer