IBM Unveils New Websphere Platform Products


News: IBM Unveils New Websphere Platform Products

  1. At its DeveloperWorks Live conference in San Francisco, IBM outlined its plans for its family of business software. Topping the list was J2EE 1.3 IBM's WebSphere AppServer 5 (available in Q3). IBM also introduced introduced MQ Event Broker, Business Integration Server 4.1, and Portal 4.1. Numerous companies have also announced product support for Websphere.

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    Here are press releases from companies that have announed new products with Webpshere support at the show:

    Versata Announces New Business Logic Suite For WebSphere.
    Wakesoft Announces Support for IBM WebSphere 4.0
    Sitraka Extends J2EE Performance Assurance Solution With Sitraka PerformaSure For IBM WebSphere
    Akamai And IBM Unveil Edge Computing Solution.
    FineGround Networks Provides Application Acceleration For IBM WebSphere Customers
    AdventNet Announces Deep Support For IBM WebSphere In AdventNet ManageEngine, The Unique Graphical Tool for Automated JMX Development
  2. From the Article:

    "The company also announced new Tivoli software for managing security. In addition to the new Tivoli software, IBM plans to embed new Tivoli security features inside the new version of the WebSphere application server."

    I understand that the new security functionality included in WebSphere 5 is an embedded version of Tivoli Access Manager (formerly Policy Director). Tivoli Access Manager requires an LDAP directory server. Does this mean WebSphere 5 will ship with an LDAP directory server as part of the base install?
  3. IBM was first to announce J2EE complient server. I cannot understand use of this because I cannot use it in Production. But I now WebLogic 7 is Production ready with support for J2EE1.3
  4. Is WebLogic 7.0 production ready? I like WebLogic... but the .0 release never seems to be production ready ;)
    maybe 7.1spX?

  5. Play with 7.0...see what you think of it. It seems to me that 7.0 is more like 6.2. It's quite stable so far and I didn't see a lot of features added. It could just be marketing reasons to make it 7.x.