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    Hi all,
       What is meant by framework? What is the advantage of using it?

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    A framework is a reusable design, expressed as a set of classes, that can serve as a solution to a family of related problems and support reuse at a larger granularity than classes. A mature framework allows components to be reused as "black boxes", that is, a programmer can incorporate them into a system under construction without knowing their implementations.

    - Ralph Johnson. Designing Reusable Classes. Journal of Object-Oriented Programming. 19-45. June/July 1998.

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    , a framework is a set of classes and interfaces that cooperate to solve a specific type of software problem. A framework has the following characteristics:
    · A framework is made up of multiple classes or components, each of which may provide an abstraction of some particular concept
    · The framework defines how these abstractions work together to solve a problem
    · The framework components are reusable
    A good framework should provide generic behavior that can be utilized across many different types of applications.

    ref: O'reilly