JAX-RPC Server Object is unique like a HOME Object!!


XML & Web services: JAX-RPC Server Object is unique like a HOME Object!!

  1. I've realized every object installed as a remote JAX-RPC object is unique between clients inspite of the number of stub objects created on client side.

    Even between distinct client executions the accessed remote object is the same.

    So I think of remote JAX-RPC Objects as Home Objects.... However with JAX-RPC, a remote object cannot return a reference of another remote object to the client (a new instatiated object for a client session)....
    THIS IS, at my opinion, a STRONG LIMITATION of JAX-PRC that is resolved in RMI-IIOP.

    How can I achieve the same result that one in RMI????

    Please help me, Am I correct on my thoughts?

    My example is followed:

    try {
    FileTransferIF ft = createProxy(args[0]);
    FileTransferIF ft2 = createProxy(args[0]);

    // status of remote object is 2, ft and ft2 reference the same ob.
    // now status of ft is 3 !!!!!!!!!! WRONG!!!!!!!
    } catch (Exception ex) {

    private static FileTransferIF createProxy(String endpoint) {

    Stub stub = (Stub)(new FileTransfer_Impl().getFileTransferIFPort());
    javax.xml.rpc.Stub.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY, endpoint);
    return (FileTransferIF)stub;
  2. I'm afraid you've just realized how poor the object model of Soap is... I still can't figure out why the O in Soap means Object.

    Soap is not about distributed objects, just about remote procedure calls.

    My 2 cents. Good luck