How do I integrate weblogic6.1 with VisualAge for Java?


EJB programming & troubleshooting: How do I integrate weblogic6.1 with VisualAge for Java?

  1. I have Weblogic 6.1 and VisualAge for Java 3.5.6. Can I integrate my weblogic 6.1 server with VisualAge
  2. In one word: Don't do it. Don't even think about it. We are currently using Visual Age 4 with Websphere&DB2 and VA is a nightmare (websphere is at least tolerable, although i prefer weblogic) - The support for ejb's is bugridden, teamdevelopment is a nightmare with va and the ide usually crashes twice a day, which gets even worse depending on the db2-fixpack (don't ask me for the reasen the ide depends on the db that heavily, but it does...) Even IBM has admitted that VAJ is dead and has recently switched to an Eclipse based Development:

    If you are running weblogic, you are already fortunate: Checkout ejbgen(, which is an excellent tool for generating Home&Remote&Local Interfaces, DD's etc., get yourself a copy of ant( and run don't walk to another ide, like eclipse(, which has just released v2 and use a plugin like that from genuitec( to start/stop&deploy&debug the appserver.

    And once again: Don't use VA. If you do it, you're doomed to unproductivity - I know it, as i have spent the last month with switching all our code from VA to a *real* ide.
  3. You will be doing yourself a huge favor if you learn a _real_ code editor like vi or emacs and the command line as well. You will be a better developer for it, I promise. Plus, all the time you spend learning how to deploy EJBs or whatever in <proprietary IDE of choice> could be spent learning how it is _actually_ done on the command line, and you will not be tied down to one development environment. Once you have ant set up to do your various tasks, it is no more difficult than in whatever IDE you are choosing, EXCEPT that you can modify it to suit your project or application server.
  4. Since the introduction of Ant into the picture I use this in combination with either Emacs or JBuilder.

    The only time I need my IDE is when I want to do remote debugging. For this I use JBuilder but you could use JSwat

    Also XDoclet

    Gives a good way of managing your deployment descriptors.
  5. you should upgrade to elipse (free) or websphere studio (vaj replacement) beacuse they can be made to act like VAJ but are much better.
    and get this, they work with any app server
    check out

    eclipse is here

    best of luck