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    today i tried to setup and configure Apache Tomcat 4.0.3 on Windows 2000 Professional.i install it and do all necessary configurations through taking data from "http://www.moreservlets.com".After this i write on the web address bar "http://localhost/" and i got an error message about port 80.because of the administrator's processes i can't use port 80.so,i write "http://localhos:8080/".then an "index.html" file is shown to me and it was written that "congratulations!".this means that the process was successfull for me.but after these happens,i can't use the servlets written by me on browser.(Taking HelloWorldServlet.class)for example when i write
    Error 404 is seen on monitor.Also,i must say that i indicate the JAVA_HOME and TOMCAT_HOME variables through like this:
                                         Environment Variables

    So is there any one to tell me what i have to do to work properly?

    All my regards,

    Eray Hangül
    Undergraduate Student
    Ege University
    Department of Computer Engineering

  2. I have gotten that before, and what I ended up doing is setting the JAVA_HOME directly in the startup script and that fixed the problem. You also have to be running jdk1.3 or latter