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  1. Diff between CORBA and Webservices (3 messages)

       CORBA tech is to communicate with distribute objects
       developed in diffrent languages.
       Webservices also serves same like two applications can
       communicate with each other even they are developed in
       diffrent environment(like Java,C,C++,VB etc..).

       then what is the difference between them...?


  2. Look at the definition below. It is the SOAP and XML
    which does the trick of removing the language dependency.

    Web services, in the general meaning of the term, are services offered via the Web. In a typical Web services scenario, a business application sends a request to a service at a given URL using the SOAP protocol over HTTP. The service receives the request, processes it, and returns a response. An often-cited example of a Web service is that of a stock quote service, in which the request asks for the current price of a specified stock, and the response gives the stock price. This is one of the simplest forms of a Web service in that the request is filled almost immediately, with the request and response being parts of the same method call
  3. As I think CORBA and SOAP is two big differences

    On my opinion if CORBA could brake through firewalls
    as easy as SOAP does then there where no SOAP developed at all. Cause CORBA ment to be used with more serious and
    reliable infrastructure than WS does, the first is more faster, has rebust transactional semantics and proved itself
    as good and open technology while WS tends to have a Microsoft smell.
  4. In fact, SOAP and XML remove also the operating system dependency, vendor dependency, transport protocol dependency (choice, really), etc.

    Web services are currently used for simple interactions but this is about to change, enabling creation of complex (aka enterprise) Web services. The programming model for Web services will be vastly simplified relative to CORBA when Web Service Orchestration infrastructure for delivering complex Web services emerges.

    Orchestrate services - Jon Udell - InfoWorld
    Orchestrating Web Services - Stuart J Johnston - XML Magazine