jdbc connection pools in ejb deployer (weblogic)


EJB programming & troubleshooting: jdbc connection pools in ejb deployer (weblogic)

  1. i'm new to ejbs/weblogic. does anyone know how to add jdbc connection pools in the tool. the connection pool settings are correct in the weblogic.properties file and i've shutdown and restarted the weblogic server to reload the file.

    i was able to generate the container, but unable to deploy the ejb to the server. the deployer throws the weblogic.cmp.rdbms.ConnectionPoolException. i'm connecting to an Oracle database.

    any ideas? thanks!
  2. I bet its a classpath problem

    is ur driver in the class path , i mean in the Weblogic classpath set in ur startup script

  3. did you d/l jdbc driver from oracle and set classpath to point to directory that you place driver


    it has driver for jdk1.2 .Driver comes with oracle8i is for jdk1.1

    may the force be with you.
  4. surapong, thanks for the tip. i didn't have the jdbc driver for oracle installed. i'll try it and see if it works.
  5. here's the weblogic.properties settings for the connection pool. does anyone notice anything wrong?