Eclipse-based XtremeJ JMX Management Console Released


News: Eclipse-based XtremeJ JMX Management Console Released

  1. The XtremeJ Corp has announced the availability of the Early Access Edition of the XtremeJ Management Console. Built on top of the popular Eclipse platform, it gives the J2EE developers and administrators an intuitive user interface to access, manage, and monitor the JMX based services within a JMX-enabled application server.

    Check out XtremeJ.

    Press Release
    The XtremeJ Corp proudly announces the availability of the Early Access Edition of the XtremeJ Management Console, a JMX management console based on the popular Eclipse platform. It is available for free evaluation.

    The XtremeJ Management Console gives the J2EE developers and administrators an intuitive user interface to access, manage, and monitor the JMX based services:

        * View the MBean metadata
        * Get and set the MBean attributes
        * Invoke MBean operations
        * Unregister MBeans
        * Create MBeans
        * Receive MBean notifications

    While the XtremeJ Management Console is a management application for generic JMX services, it primarily focuses on providing a monitoring and management tool for J2EE application servers that implement the JMX specification. Currently it supports the following two Java applications servers:

        * JBoss (versions 2.4.x - 3.2.0beta)
        * WebLogic (versions 6.1 - 7.0)

    For more information, please visit

    XtremeJ Corp
    Newark, California
  2. It is funny our web filter denies access to this site, something to consider before picking a company name.
  3. Its also something to consider before surfing from your company network to sites with similar names :)
  4. If a company keeps a web filter or not is something to consider before accepting to work for them...
  5. Well, my client uses WebSense and has reported the error to them for correction. Hopefully this will positively affect everyone using that censoring software. In the mean time I had to download it over the 45.2Kbps phone link at my hotel instead.

    Unfortunately I am not having any luck getting it to connect with JBoss 3.0.4 - but I've no time to diagnose right now...
  6. Sorry to hear that you are having problems. We have done our testing on JBoss 3.0.4 extensively and have not encountered such problems, although we do have another user reporting similar issues and we'll look into that. Please come and post on our forum (or send me a private email) and we'll help you out.

    Thanks for trying out the XtremeJ,

    Ganghua Guo
    XtremeJ Corp
  7. Could you please compare this with
    MC4J ( and
    Jconsole (
  8. I only took a brief look at MC4J so I cannot speak to its strengths or weaknesses well. My first impression, though, is that the XtremeJ UI is much nicer than the MC4J's (thanks to the SWT).

    The biggest differentiator, IMHO, is that the XtremeJ can be customized and extended using the Eclipse plugin framework, which enables you to add customized attribute/parameter editors, install your own notification handlers, and install your own views for particular MBeans.

    The second advantage is that we can integrate the XtremeJ with the Eclipse Java IDE so that you can do the whole JMX development, debug, and test in one IDE.

    The third one that comes to my mind is that we get to deliver JMX functionality fast when we base the UI framework on Eclipse. We had a user asking about the MX4J support, and we were able to code it in half a day and it will be available for download in the next day or so.

    Of course we don't have everything described above in this version, but we are very excited about XtremeJ's potential. We encourage you to try it out and let us know what you think. Since XtremeJ is a new product, your feedback will have a great influence on its future roadmap.

    Ganghua Guo
    XtremeJ Corp
  9. I have tried it using JBoss 3.0.4 with no problems encountered. I use Eclispe extensively and I feel that this product will be a very useful tool. Not only does it give you information about what is installed but I was able to invoke the MBean methods.

    Good Job,

    Jay Wagner