New Tales From TheServerSide Cartoon: Gates and McNealy Part II


News: New Tales From TheServerSide Cartoon: Gates and McNealy Part II

  1. In 'The Conspiracy', Bill Gates and Scott McNealy have become allies in a plan for world domination. Having clashed light sabres in 'The Showdown', they now repose in a distant space bar, devising a scheme for Sun and Microsoft to take over the server and OS markets.

    Checkout 'The Conspiracy'.

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  2. Good Graphics...[ Go to top ]

    Things getting interesting ( on lighter side..) I can imagine moving forward "Mcnealy filing a lawsuit on $ Bill for polluting SPARC" ;)
  3. Quite Brilliant actually[ Go to top ]

    Sometimes, I think the animated mind can see the furthest.
    SUN is going to die, unless they do something BIG soon.
    MS is like the Picture of Dorian Grey.
  4. Quite Brilliant actually[ Go to top ]

    But Dorian Gray is a funner read ...
  5. Who says this couldn't be true?[ Go to top ]

    None of them is an angel, both of them would find an interest in doing it, web services at that stage are no lion share... So, why not?
  6. Funny and remotely plausible[ Go to top ]

    You chaps should get over the *minor* amount of bad language in this cartoon. In fact I'm glad it is there.

    It is the tiny remote possibility of this happening combined with the currently perceived absurdity of the whole thing that makes this cartoon amusing.

    Did you think HP, Digital, Tandem, Apollo, and Compaq would all be the same company one day?
  7. Except maybe Apollo, it seems incredible that even two of these former giants have combined!

    So, what the hey! Sun and Microsoft together, why not!
    They'd have an OS for a closed platform.
    Maybe they could call the combined concern Apple.
    Oh, that's taken.
  8. This is good. Very Funny.
  9. LOL[ Go to top ]

    Now that's a scary scenario for the future...
  10. No I will never join you!![ Go to top ]

    Love the cartoon.
  11. LOL[ Go to top ]

    The real message is "by 2005" (and he leaves open how much and by when in the year.) What direction will the rest of us be going by then while they're still heading off in that direction?
  12. The next chapter....[ Go to top ]

    A giant droid named 'big blue' turns out to be the real evil emperor and plots to destroy both McNealy and Gates deep within it's Power4Planet....

    Nice strip...funny take on the situation.
  13. The next chapter....[ Go to top ]

    Maybe they should add Marc Fleury as a french undercover waiter, bugging the conversation of McNealy and Gates and then post it on
  14. Very Funny[ Go to top ]

    This is very funny. Good job guys! It's your best cartoon so far.

    You should definitely expand your coverage to industry characters such as Fleury and Richard Oberg and others with an enhanced sense of self-importance.
  15. good but...[ Go to top ]

    good cartoon but it made me sad to see the swearing; without that you really don't lose any of your message
  16. No fun at all...[ Go to top ]

    I'm sorry to say this, but I think the cartoon was pure crap.
  17. swearing?... get real (n/t)[ Go to top ]

  18. Cool and Scary Stuff[ Go to top ]

    Ya it can raelly Happen they are big combine together they will control everything MOBILE desktop Server no one can compete with them then
  19. Once you go cheap you never go back[ Go to top ]

    This server and PC is suffering the same way the airlines are. Once the internet introduce cheap airline tickets, people will not pay $500 for a ticket anymore. PC and OS are no different.
  20. so funny[ Go to top ]

  21. I that is not a easy thing![ Go to top ]

    I think ,i it hard to solve the question.
    New things come out when the times go on.
    So maybe for a long time ,the condition will not change till the whole become change.
  22. Survival of the fittest[ Go to top ]

    If Linux (or whatever) goes the way of the dinosaurs... its because it was a dinosaur. The fit survive (period). If it did not survive it was not fit.
    Deal with it.
  23. Fit != Best[ Go to top ]

    Fitness in technology often has more to do with economics and branding than actual value. Beta v. VHS?

    In evolutionary fitness, if conditions arise where having intelligence is mortally dangerous to the individual, then intelligence will become scarce in the population... Like dinosaurs...

    Not necessarily better, just a better 'fit' to the environment.

    Hmmm. Maybe it's already happening.
  24. How many patches ?[ Go to top ]

    When McNealy says "Lets get it done by 2005", I feel he is ignorant about how many patches windows will require to run on sparc.

    At the same time Bill gives a mysterious smile with the words "We need to move fast", as if he knows that it will take 10s of releases, until windows survives without a crash on sparc for a day.