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    I want to develop a video conferencing application using java. I started going through JMF and found that its gateway to world of Media using Java. But I still have few questions.

    #1 Where can I get optimised JMF version for linux.

    #2 I can see that, JMF is still an evollving technology and so we need to make use of lots of custom plugins. I am just wondering whether any of you know any resources for plugins and their source codes for various media formats.

    #3 Do you have any idea how to go about designing the architecture for enabling Video conferencing uisng JMF or if you have one in place and if you can give an insight into that, that would be a great help.

    #4 I would like to know if any body out here/there meddled with JMF and developed applications so that I can have a first hand mentor.

    #5 Are there any free / commercial JMF based Video conferencing applications out there working?

    #6 Are there any useful resources out there which help me in my adventure with JMF.

    #7 Do we need to use any application server like Weblogic,Jboss etc. on server side . If yes, what sort of support does this application server provide to JMF Video conferencing appliation.

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    Hi Ram,
    well we had a requirement in our project wherein we had to integrate the videoconferencing services with our enterprise application.we are using Oracle 9iAs for the same .we had a videoconferencing server,we use to connect to the same through one of our session beans, (the connection properties was set in as environment variables)and then through JMF APIs we use to manipulate the services of videoconferencing.we were using LinuxRedHatAdvanced Server for the same.
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    Hi Rishi,

    Thanks for the info. I think I am finding my way into this complex world.
  4. i am final year engg student of computer science.i am doing the project on videoconferenfing using JMF.i need to help for completing my project.i am at initial stage,want to know steps for completing the project.also help me for getting materials about JMF.i kindly requeat u to help me,as i have to complete it in one semister.