Newbie's question on Borland Enterprise Server


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Newbie's question on Borland Enterprise Server

  1. Hello folks,

    I used Borland Enterprise Server as my J2EE application server, but it won't show the console message which I wrote in enterprise bean. Does anyone know how to solve this question?

    After that, I changed the platform to Oracle9i AS. It supports jdk1.3 only(?), but my program works better under jdk1.4. Should I change the Application Server again?

    Many thanks for your advice. ^_^


  2. Chia-Hsin Cheng,

    By a console message, I presume you wrote something along the lines of:


    or a,


    If you select the Partition where you deployed the bean in your console,
    and select the "log" tab on the bottom right, you should see a drop down
    list which presents options to view the "event" log or the "error" log.

    Depending on whether you use the System.out or the System.err, the output
    would be redirected to one of these logs.

    I'd also recommed turning off statistics gathering at the partition and
    EJB Container level if you do not want the log to contain too much info.
    Besides, turning off statistics gathering is recommended in a production
    environment given that it adds some additional overhead. But of course,
    in a development scenario you probably want to leave it as it is. But I
    digress. Bottomline: Look at the partition's error/event logs.

  3. Dear Krishnan,

    Many thanks for your telling me the solution, and I'm really appreciated! :-)

    Sincerely yours,