jPortlet open source portlet container 1.0 released


News: jPortlet open source portlet container 1.0 released

  1. jPortlet is an open-source implementation of a Portlet Container. The jPortlet API is inspired from the IBM WebSphere Portal Server API. Portlets are web components -like Servlets - specifically designed to be aggregated in the context of a composite page, such as the 'news' and 'new content around the site' panels on TheServerSide homepage.

    jPortlet uses Velocity as Template Language, provide a MVC framework.

    jPortlet offers the following features:
        - Multi-mode: Portlet can be viewed in different modes: VIEW, EDIT, CONFIGURE or HELP
        - Multi-device: The API allow portlets to be deployed on WebBrowser, PDA, cell-phones etc.
        - Caching: The portlet container is able to cache portlet's content in order to accelerate the portlet rendering
        - Security: Role based security
        - Internationalization
        - Integration with Velocity as Template Language
        - Model-View-Controller framework like Struts

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  2. Why not work with Jetspeed?[ Go to top ]

    I'm pretty new to portal frameworks, but why not work with Jetspeed? It seems both projects are going for the same thing - open source, standards-based portal API framework.
  3. Jetspeed API[ Go to top ]

    I think Apache Team (David Taylor, Raphael, Paul Spencer) must create something like this, and API that can be use flexibility.

    mm JPortlet must be part of Jetspeed, to much good component in Jetspeed, event it is still not a good API, but a good sample of Personalization
  4. Can this be used with EJBs ?[ Go to top ]

    Can this be used with EJBs ? if so where are all the ejbs going to reside in the recommended file structure ?
  5. Can this be used with EJBs ?[ Go to top ]

    Yes, Portlet can be used by EJB because Portlets are just the UI of your application.
    One way to integrate with EJB is via Actions.
    When Action are invoked, you can make call to your ejbs.
    one suggested file structure can be:
               domain/ <---- Your entity bean here (business object)
               services/ <---- Your session beans here
               portlets/ <---- Your portlets

    PS: Make your portlet call your session beans
    Im going to publish an example soon yo show how to integrate Portlet-EJB with xDoclet.
    stay tuned
  6. Why doesn't portlet integrate with Jetspeed?
    Jetspeed is developed upon Turbine (another MVC framework,
    JPortlet is based on Struts.
  7. I think this is a good portlet implementation, much cleaner end easier to understand than Jetspeed.

      But I was looking the "Portlet with action" example from the site and I have one question.

      Why we need the file ?
      It is not better to have this information inside the portlet.xml file ? Something like :

       <portlet-app-name>Portlet Application</portlet-app-name>
            <language locale="en">

             <action name="view">
               <return value="success">/success.jsp</return>
               <return value="error">/error.jsp</return>
               <return value="input">/portlet/capital/mode/view/state/maximized</return>
                <markup name="html">
                    <view />

      Or at least should be a xml file too.
      This will make it much easier to create some tool to edit it.
  8. You made a good point, because the less configuration we have, the better it is..
    I'm going to add that to the TODO list
  9. It _is_ based on JetSpeed[ Go to top ]

    JetSpeed seems to have died on the vine quite some time ago, however IBM's Websphere portal _is_ based on JetSpeed, therefore so is this effort. In fact the 1.1 version of IBM's portal tutorial contains the actual JetSpeed package imports all over the place.
  10. What about:

    That will certainly become the refercence implementations for the new JSR 168 (community draft plan for the 17th of May) and the Oasis WSRP (web services for remote portlet) standard.

    Why such a dual work?

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  11. Sorry the community draft of the JSR 168 seems to be already out for community members of the JCP. 17th of May is the deadline for comments.

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  12. In a year or so[ Go to top ]

    Look at how long it takes a JSR on average to go from community review to final spec. About a year. Look for Portal API sometime in 2004.
  13. I am working on a project thats Struts/Tiles/JSP. Can jPortlet be integrated in that environment?
  14. Working ?[ Go to top ]

    I think it looked very good.

    Portlets, simple setup etc.etc..

    But has anybody been able to get this working ?

    I get:

    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: No ClassLoaders found for: net.sf.jportlet.portlet.descriptor.ApplicationDescriptor

    when I try to deploy a simple test application.

    (and when rebuilding the source of the framework I get
    several warnings about depracated)
  15. Working ?[ Go to top ]

    There where an error in the previous package that I've just fixed.
    please get the lattest release from (1.0.1) here
  16. Still not fly[ Go to top ]

    I got the new kit.

    Still a classloader error.

    Then I copied a bunch of jar files to the JBoss server default lib

    That solved that classloader errors.

    But I stll get:

    20:34:49,046 INFO [PortletServiceFactoryImpl] Initializing service: net.sf.jportlet.service.velocity.VelocityService
    20:34:49,093 ERROR [PortletServiceFactoryImpl] Unable to initialize service: velocity
            at net.sf.jportlet.service.velocity.VelocityServiceImpl.init(Unknown Source)
            at net.sf.jportlet.impl.PortletServiceFactoryImpl.init(Unknown Source)
            at net.sf.jportlet.impl.PortletApplicationImpl.init(Unknown Source)
            at net.sf.jportlet.web.servlet.PortletServlet.init(Unknown Source)

    PS: We can take this to email - it may be better than this forum.
  17. Still not fly[ Go to top ]

    Please, download the lattest version of jPortlet, this should solve the class loader problems
  18. Portlet resources[ Go to top ]
  19. What license is this under. I didn't see it on your web site or SourceForge. (Of course I am almost blind in one eye ...)