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News: JInspired announces JDBInsight 2.0

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    Jinspired Announces JDBInsight 2.0 @ JavaOne 2003

    DUBLIN, IRELAND - 05 June, 2003 - JInspired , a leader in J2EE? transaction analysis, today announced JDBInsight 2.0, the next generation of J2EE performance management products from JInspired. JDBInsight will be available for preview at JavaOne 2003 in San Francisco. JDBInsight is a tool that effectively integrates Java profiling information with JDBC/SQL transaction analysis. Version 2.0 has numerous features derived from its support of the Java VM Profiling Interface (JVMPI) such as Java call stack analysis, CPU, blocking and waiting measurements at the transaction path level.

    With the new Java call stack classification engine developers, testers and J2EE administrators can now understand the interaction of various technologies with corporate databases. Classifications engines are available for Java enterprise technologies such as EJB, JSP, Servlets, JTS, CORBA, JDBC, JCA, Web Services, JDO and Struts. JInspired will also be announcing new engines over the coming weeks for various web/persistence technologies such as JavaServer Faces, Tapestry, WebWork, and Hibernate.

    JDBInsight 2.0 has the ability to detect and present resource transaction demarcations allowing visual sub-transaction identification.

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    In addition to the JDBInsight Version 2.0 feature rich client interface, JDBInsight also provides a suite of functional command-line utilities, JDBInsight 2.0 Terminal Services. The Terminal Services component of JDBInsight 2.0 delivers the server to a wide variety of desktops without the need for graphical environments. The JDBInsight 2.0 Terminal Services provides a quick and easy way to communicate with multiple servers without having to use a graphical user interface. This facilitates the streamlined connection, activation and deactivation of profiles on local or remote servers with the ability to control multiple servers from a single terminal.

    These Terminal Services also provide a powerful environment to create and schedule snapshot information, in order to monitor servers at regular intervals, with the ability to store and retrieve snapshots from any mounted drive, as well as providing a rich set of commands to assist in analysis of this highly detailed data. Learn about JDBInsight 2.0 Terminal Services

    About JDBInsight
    JDBInsight is an innovative enterprise development product, aimed at simplifying the performance tuning and testing of J2EE? applications, which access data through the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC?) API. JDBInsight analyses the access of enterprise data by J2EE? client-, web-, and bean containers. The analysis can encompass transaction executions, from multiple J2EE? containers. JDBInsight captures timing and execution information for enterprise data accessed by Servlets, JavaServer Pages, Session- and Entity Beans using JDBC? or an Entity Bean using a container's persistence engine. JDBInsight can also profile non-J2EE applications that access enterprise data through the JDBC? API.
  2. very cool... waiting to see the version 2