Considering JBoss for a production system; am I nuts?


General J2EE: Considering JBoss for a production system; am I nuts?

  1. I am considering using JBoss for a production e-comm site that I will be designing in the near future. I am considering JBoss for 2 reasons, 1) after reading a few articles, it seems that JBoss is beginning to pose a serious threat to other app server players, such as BEA and Weblogic, as companies -- at least from what I read -- are starting to convert some of their systems to JBoss, and I'm sure the reason for it is not because JBoss is free, and 2) I simply cannot ignore the fact that JBoss is free, sorry for the pun :-)

    I wonder how many companies are using JBoss with success. How stable is it? I've never used it at all. The majority of my app server experience is in Weblogic. I've used open source technologies in the past, but an open source app server might be going too far, then again, I may be wrong, and that's why I posted this because I'd like to hear some comments.



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    You can use JBoss and JOnAS (both Open Source) for production, no doubt on it.

    I myself have a very good experience with JOnAS. OpenUSS site ( runs on JOnAS 3.1 for the EJB container. Most things done in OpenUSS are documents download and upload. All these docs are stored in BLOB (database), so you have Servlet -> SSB -> EB or Servlet -> SSB -> JDBC. No problems. OpenUSS uses only EB CMP 1.1 with all remote objects, no local inteface (can you imagine, how good JOnAS has to be, because we are using remote interfaces all over the places ;-)). For a better performance you should go for Servlet -> SSB -> Hibernate. All new components of OpenUSS will be written with this model but we don't plan to rewrite the older components, which already using EB CMP. This is cool since we want to mix every single technologies available ;-) OpenUSS also uses a lot of MDB for async. method invocation.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the advice, but what's Jonas?

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    JOnAS is an Open Source J2EE container, just like JBoss. -> JOnAS.