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    I have written a stateful session(CMP) wherein the client after making a request to the server,the server takes atleast 3 to 4 hrs to process the request,but in the mean time the client time's out and the session is ended,I am using weblogic 5.1 server and i have tried with idle timeout and trans timeout aswell.My clients are basically swing applications.
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    you need to congiure http session behaviour(property used by web server)
    take this example
    there is a e-commerce application, use the regular HTTP
    protocol for catalog searches, then switch to HTTPS to secure the customer's personal data during
    order processing. HTTPS connections take longer to negotiate. By default, WebLogic Server waits
    up to 25 seconds for an SSL connection before it times out the connection (as opposed to 5 seconds
    for a plain connection). You may need to configure a higher connection timeout value for SSL.

    Sets the number of milliseconds that WebLogic will wait for a client login request to fail before
    timing out the socket. For some client login operations, for example for a client logging in over a
    secure line with authentication/encryption enabled, the login process may require several seconds,
    and this property may need to be increased. The default is 5000 milliseconds for plain connections,
    25000 milliseconds for SSL connections. If no information is received by the server within this limit,
    the login fails, and the incoming connection is dropped.