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    I recently purchased JBuilder Enterprise 9 WebLogic Edition.

    However I would also like to evaluate JBoss. Can anyone tell me their experiences with JBoss as a J2EE implementation? Good, Bad, Ugly comments welcome. :-)

    How does it stack up against WebLogic?

    Thanks for your time!


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    I have only ever used two appservers - WebLogic and JBoss. My experiences are that WebLogic is better documented, and therefore an easier platform to learn on. Also it is "officially" J2EE certified, while JBoss isn't (at least not yet IIRC).

    Apart from that I have found them to be remarkably comparable (although I've never needed to load test either of them).
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    On the documentation note: I'd recommend buying the documentation for JBoss, because it is quite comprehensive and also has a tutorial on J2EE in general (which might be good for introducing new j2ee coders to EJBs)
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    Has anybody compared JBoss JMS against Weblogic JMS?