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    how to post on TheServerSide
    When i run Client on different system by following process
    decribed here,I am getting exception javax\ejb\EJBHome.class not found
    javax\ejb\EJBRemote.class not found

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    Hi Deb,
       U've to install the required interfaces (Remote and Home) on the client machine also and set the classpath appropriately.

    (ahamed at aztec dot soft dot net)
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    I have put the jar file itself onthe classpath?It,s throwing exception cannot excess EJBHome and Remote.But when
    In same system by puting the jar file in the classpath i can run client from different folder(where no I have created my Home,Remote interface)
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    u have to copy the stub files generated by the EJBServer/COntainer for ur home and remote interfaces and then point those files in ur calsspath.