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    If this doesn't attract any messages, I dunno what will. How does one ease up on his own arrogance? Can someone be really good at something and not be arrogant? Is the arrogance good for his confidence? What are your thoughts?

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    These forums must be dead. I have put 3 new messages and no responses in the last few days...
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    Hi Ken,

    I like to remember a saying that I learned as a child:

    Pride cometh before fall ...

    I have determined that there are two kinds of pride, though. The first is more a satisfaction or a sense of comfort with a job well done, like "he takes pride in his work" or "son, I am proud of you." The second, which is the dangerous class of pride, is the pride that leads to arrogance and blind self-sufficiency, that prevents one from hearing the advice of those that one should listen to, and that forms resentment in others.

    Confidence is a powerful ally and a source of incredible inner strength, but one must constantly temper confidence with self-reflection, and also to listen carefully to the criticism of others, or confidence will quickly become arrogance.


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
    Coherence: Clustered JCache for Grid Computing!
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    I prefer to see Pride as a good thing, but Hubris is another thing altogether (which fits your latter definition).

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    First off congratulations to Jonas. I don't have a problem with Jonas getting the certification for free per se. It has been a valid effort, INRIA is a respectable house, even if a bit academic to my taste, I do congratulate them on the scolarship, at least they won't have to pay.

    I don't even have a problem with JBoss Group paying for certification, even if every dollar we spend on it are dollars we made with you guys as customers. As we repeatedly said we AGREED to pay SUN and are waiting on a contract. We are still waiting.

    As a note it should be clearly said, as for some reason SUN execs and some posts here think we sell the product, THE PRODUCT IS FREE (LGPL) always will be.

    Which leads me to 2 scenarios,

    <normal> SUN launched the 'scolarship' clearly as a Open Source branded effort with apache on stage for that announcement etc. I remember the "OS diva" (name escapes me right now, apologies) telling me that was good for JBoss etc and that we would get it. Even back then I knew intuitively it was boloney, a reaction to IBM land-grabbing open source and a rushed program, ill thought out imho. Bygones.

    The whole non-profit definition leads to non-sensical results with respect to the open source positioning, namely that the open source developers would pay while the french government would get it for free. It is a fact today. The scolarship is a 'non-profit' program and as is very clear to us, we believe there is a viable future for professional open source. The scolarship *if it wanted to be open source* should base the definition on licenses. OSI approved licenses, not non-profit status. Open source is about licenses not non-profit.

    <paranoia>On the waiting for the contract for the past 2 months. SUN may be favoring redhat with jonas as the first to get PR for that announcement of 'scolarship'. I am supposed to meet the SUN folks this week in CA for an update on the way open source certification will work (for jonas and us). The paranoid in me thinks the PR 'thunder stealing' helps their friends more than anything. JBoss out of the gates with TCK would have been (still will be) a good PR story and we will get to talk about it here when it comes out ;)

    I may be totally wrong and it may all be the simple consequences of the non-sensical way the program is set up with respect to open source and SUN just walks through the moves, we were denied the scolarship.
    Next they make sure Jonas and us do the TCK right which is actually fair. We pay, the others don't pay, it is ok, it doesn't even put us at a disadvantage but the result is so not a 'open source' program. That to me it would warrant a back to the drawing board on the whole scolarship program.

    SUN is giving away TCK to large multi-billion for-profit companies, while the developers of JBoss Group pay. OK, we will pay and it sends a message to the market that we are viable and responsible in fact commercial in our support and a real company with money behind JBoss the FREE product.
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    I have seen a lot of arrogance in people who are percieve themselves to be masters of their craft. It's unfortunate..