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News: Hibernate 2.1 Final Released

  1. Hibernate 2.1 Final Released (14 messages)

    Hibernate 2.1, the open source persistence framework, has been released.

    Hibernate 2.1 features:

    - native SQL queries
    - full Criteria query API, with support for associations
    - integration of OSCache, SwarmCache, JBoss TreeCache, as well as EHCache.
    - more "cool" features.

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  2. Experience with JCA support, Caching[ Go to top ]

    Great to hear, that a new version is out!

    Does someone know about the quality of the JCA support?
    Any experience, especially with Weblogic or Websphere?

    I'm also wondering, which of the supported FREE caching solutions to

  3. Beat me to it.[ Go to top ]

    Here is the "official" announcement:

    Hibernate 2.1 is intended to be completely backward compatible with Hibernate
    2.0. In addition to a number of bugfixes, 2.1 introduces support for native SQL
    queries, a powerful Query by Criteria and Query by Example API and improvements to the Hibernate Query Language. A new, fully pluggable second-level cache
    framework provides built in support for the JGroups-based JBossCache clustered
    cache, EHCache, SwarmCache and OpenSymphony's OSCache (Tangasol Coherence may also be used with Hibernate 2.1). A number or new performance-enhancing features were added, including batch-loading, more aggressive second-level cache utilization and a brand new query result set cache.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to the development and testing of version 2.1.
  4. Query By Example[ Go to top ]

    Hi Gavin

    Congratulations to you and the Hibernate team on this release.

    QBE, touted as a new feature for Hibernate 2.1, is something which we do not address in JDO. I'd be interested to hear the community's impressions of QBE. I'm not proposing to add QBE to JDO 2.0 - we're well down the track to specifying the new release and I'm not into unwarranted feature creep - but I am interested in how useful and important this feature is perceived to be.

    Best wishes, Robin.
  5. QBE's rigth way[ Go to top ]

    I always interested in Hibernate,but never tried it.
    To me,QBE should be a alternative for query by criteria,they are used in different scenario,look at the following:
    If we wanna query some object of type "person",we can say:
      Criteria c=new Criteria;
      c.addBetween("age",new Integer(18),new Integer(28));
      List result=PersistenceBroker.query(c);
    the above is a formal way of query.But if we have many constrain to set to the query,our codes would be messed with many criteria,so QBE is used for convienience:
      Person example=new Person();

    additional benefit of QBE is that:first,we needn't write methods for each query ;second,the Example can be passed from anywhere of the app without know in advance.
    PS:I don't if hibernate is used in this way,i just prefered it.The above codes is used for the ORM engineer we wrote ourselves
  6. QBE's rigth way[ Go to top ]

    Hibernate has QBE as part of QBC. Check the documentation.
  7. JCA for weblogic[ Go to top ]

    Does someone know about the quality of the JCA support?

    > Any experience, especially with Weblogic or Websphere?
    Check out the forums at http://forum.hibernate.org/ there are certainly discussions about this.
  8. JCA Support[ Go to top ]


    I've been testing the JCA support on JBoss (of course), Websphere 5 (inside WSAD 5) and Weblogic 8.1. We just made some fixes to enable to the Weblogic support and it seems to be running just fine.

    There still are some outstanding issues around classing of mapping files, but these are really decisions to be made about how is the best way to do this. There are several alternatives and their associated patches in JIRA at the moment, but in it's current form it works just fine when you bundle up your classes and mapping files with the resource adaptor.

    I guess the only other thing from, my perspective at least, is that we require doco around how to build, deploy and test the JCA support. At the moment that kind of info is scattered around the forums.

  9. We really need it, and don't know where to start. Can you plese explain what fixes are necessary or point to the related forum entries?

    Thanks. --: )
  10. The fixes that Daniel is referring to are in Hibernate 2.1.
  11. Hi and congrats,

    I was wondering when hibernatedoclet will be updated? It seems to be stuck in 1.2. At least, I'm getting some errors that indicate that 2.x functions aren't (fully) supported.

  12. You need to put a tag like

    <hibernate version="2.0" />

    in your build.xml where you run hibernatedoclet.
  13. Hibernate 2.1 Final Released[ Go to top ]

    Great job Hibernate team!
    Glad to see this release, and Hibernate getting much more serious use all over.

  14. Great news for a great tool[ Go to top ]

    Well done Gavin and team! I've been using Hibernate 2.0 for an audit tracking system for 5 months and am really impressed with its feature set, speed and how much time it's saved me on the project. Iwas going to use Oracle's Toplink but was really put off by its cost - Hibernate does everything I wanted (and a lot more that I'll be able to grow into). Big thanks especially for the solid documentation!
  15. Congratulations![ Go to top ]

    It's good to hear that the Hibernate team has released a new version. With the quick releases and the excellent documentation Hibernate is in my eyes one of the best open source java projects.

    Keep up the good work!