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    I was wondering if it would be a good time to post some statistics regarding the site. It's hard to find sites actually built using J2EE technology let alone those who would be prepared to give statistics. This is useful for us consultants who need to point to real world examples. Particularly interesting would be the transaction rate, average active EJB instances (by type), error rate (you do log errors don't you!?)etc.

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    I agree with you Andrew, and I see no reason why we shouldn't post statistics here (well, maybe not the error rate, hehe).

      How would you go about collecting these statistics? Plugin the Weblogic Console? :)

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    Not sure really. From your question, I'm guessing that when the site was designed/built no Management Information gathering frameworks were included? I'm not familiar with Weblogic. I know that with WebSphere a console is available that can show statistics of this sort (EJBs active, created, deleted, server loading etc.) The error rate is an interesting statistic, and not a reflection of the quality of the site (for instance, I have never seen an exception or failed to access any particular part of the site but I bet problems do occur from time to time). I suppose that although this is a non-commercial site, The Middleware Company does promote itself through it so it may be a little sensitive. I also would hate for you to give away any IPR that you haven't already.

    Really, whatever you can provide would be useful.


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    Maybe we could petition Sun to put a standard logging format into the EJB specs for vendors to follow, much like web servers have a loggin format. Then other vendors could provide tools to read and display this information in various ways. Wouldn't that be nice?

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    I believe there actually is a logging JSR in the JCP right now..