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    I am having some difficulty setting up an sql server DB for inprise's ejb container...anybody knows any good jdbc 2 compliant sql server driver and the proper syntax to enter the driver URL in the deployment descriptors
    any clue appreciated

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    I were meet the same problem for the Insprise Application Server. The database is Oracle. When EJB call to the database through JDBC it catch an Error: DriverNotFoundException. But when I config my Inprise classpath It is OK. It also OK for the SQL server if I used JDBC-ODBC for SQL.

    The detail setting for the Inprise:

    Locate the java.options file in the Inprise\AppServer\properties\servername\ and add the following line:(for Oracle)

    -classpath C:\Oracle\ora81\jdbc\lib\
    . . .

    Hope this will help!
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    Setting up the classpath for the driver is ok...Any idea how to specify the URL for the database file in the deployment descriptor In the documentation of the driver it indicates the syntax
    after specifying all this ...
    The error I get is : the local datastore url-s should be specified in full...
    The DB used is SQL Server not JDataStore from Borland
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    I've used the Sprinta and Opta2000 drivers from I have not used these drivers with an ejb container though; just direct JDBC calls.
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    Check JDBC drivers from BEA Systems: JDriver for MS SQL Server 7 (Type 4), at

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