Looking for open source code review tools (similar to JTest)


General J2EE: Looking for open source code review tools (similar to JTest)

  1. I'm looking into JTest and it sounds great but I've heard it's quite expensive. I'm curious if there are any open source tools that offer similar functionality. Maybe not as complete as JTest but just enforcing common good coding practices. I'm working on a new project with several junior developers and I'd love to incorporate some kind of code quality tool into our build process.


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  2. Michael,

    There is a plugin for Eclipse called Jupiter that streamlines the manual code review process. However, it does not automate defect detection like JTest does. You can get more information from www.eclipseplugincentral.com.

    An open question: although the need for code reviews has been documented and talked about since inception of programming and anyone who has written a line of code agrees that code reviews provide many benefits, there does not seem to be a lot of demand for code review tools nor new code review processes. Some of the reasons are:

    1) The time it takes to perform code reviews
    2) Typical resource cruch during a project
    2) Lack of tools that automate the process and provide more advanced features
    like automated notification, workflow, etc.
    3) Lack of metrics and reporting

    I am thinking of getting into this area and building a more advanced tool than those few available today.

    As a starting point and to test the waters, I am thinking of setting a website that would host a code review application that would be used for doing "open code reviews". "Open" means that anyone can submit their code and "anyone" can review it, and it can be free or for a fee. The application would manage code reviewers and before a code reviewer can ask for a fee they must prove themselves by doing code reviews for free. Also, the top ranked reviewers ( reviewers are ranked by authors) would be offered free advertising on the website ... e.g. they could host their resumes or profiles if hey wish ... in this tough IT job market this may be an apealing feature. The application would rank reviewers and would weed out those who are not competent or are unprofessional. A review would be opened to 2 or 3 reviewers, but anyone else has readonly access. Top reviewers can be asked by to participate in a review for a fee.

    There would also be an area for "public" reviews of open source code projects ...

    But before I invest time and $ into this endevaour I would like to get feedback from others to see if there is enough interest and demand for code reviews.

    Frank feedback and other ideas are welcomed with open arms !


    Piotr (Peter)

    PS. I am sorry if this is not directly related to this forum, but I was prompted by the posting from Micheal and his inquiry code review tools.
  3. I think there is a serious problem with your idea.. most code is written for companies and as a result is company proprietary confidential.

    I thought I read about an open source tool for checking code quality on this site but for the life of me I cannot find it now that I need it!! Usually when there is an expensive product (like JTest) there are open source alternatives. So I'd be suprised if there aren't any, it's just a matter of finding them.

    I don't need all the features of JTest, just something basic to identify obvious errors made by junior developers.

  4. Not OSS but fairly cheap[ Go to top ]

    We recently started using a product called Code Reviewer that helps to coordinate code reviews between management (me) and junior engineers and integrates with CVS.

    It's not free but the license (~$150/seat) is reasonable. The company is VERY responsive to issues with the software. I alerted them to a cvsroot pathing issue that I was having and they fixed it in 2 days.

    You may want to check it out:

  5. a few open source projects[ Go to top ]


    i love jtest. i haven't tried out either of these projects yet personally but this is what i turned up while on the same quest as you.

    findbugs (open source)-http://findbugs.sourceforge.net/

    checkstyle (open source)-http://checkstyle.sourceforge.net/

    of course, i doubt these have anything like the full functionality of jtest, but it seems to be a start...
  6. one more open source project[ Go to top ]

    sorry, i found another open source project:

    pmd (open source) - http://pmd.sourceforge.net/

    hope this helps...