Based on a built-in Web proxy and a concept of extraction, replacement and assertion rules, Solex provides functions to record a client session, adjust it according to various parameters and then replay it. This is typically done in order to ensure the non-regression of a Web application's behaviour.

The release 0.5 which requires Eclipse 2.1.2 contains major enhancements and bug fixes, such as:
- Better compliance with HTTP 1.1 (correct numerous issues with cookies, Host header, etc.),
- Many improvements to the user interface,
- New views: XHTML in a tree and formatted text HTML,
- Replacement rules can be based on XPath expressions as well as regular expressions,
- Various refactoring (the tree session editor, the player and the capability to save sessions are faster, simpler and generally require less memory),
- Additionnal statistics in the Playback Results view: time to first byte and time to last byte,
- Rules and assertions are now fully editable, with dedicated dialogs,
- Updated tutorial,
- Proper handling of multi-parts bodies,
- and more.

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