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    I have been looking for a Rich Thin Client. I have found a product called Altio. I would deeply appreciate if any of you guys can give me more information on Rich Thin Clients and would be delighted if you guys can give me some feedback on the product called altio. I have tried it am am deeply impressed with it but I dont know how it performs in the real world.

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  2. Flash, Flash Remoting[ Go to top ]

    We are using Flash + ActionScript + Flash Remoting.

    We have 2 production applications that use OpenAMF ( as the Flash Remoting gateway.

    Disclaimer: I am a developer on the OpenAMF project
  3. Consider open solutions[ Go to top ]

    There are several capabilities available in open technologies, standards, etc... that enable this type of solution.
      SVG (, for instance, is capable of producing any effect that Flash could produce, without the difficulties (and cost) of depending on a proprietary solution.
      Java has several capabilities that are designed for this task. Applets, although not quite "thin" are capable of impressive solutions. Java Web-Start allows the thin-client distribution model for a rich client application. The Java Common DOM API (although broken in 1.4) will provide extensive rich client interactivity without the overhead of the Java UI, in the meantime, the JSObject API provides similar capability, at the cost of more difficult development.
      You should also look into XForms(W3C) and Java Server Faces(J2EE). Although both are somewhat new, both provide impressive capabilities for developing rich client interfaces while abstracting the distribution of that interface (server-rendered, client-executed, or some combination).
  4. Consider open solutions[ Go to top ]

    SVG (, for instance, is capable of producing any effect that Flash could produce, without the difficulties (and cost) of depending on a proprietary solution.
    We chose Flash because of the Flash Player's installed base.

    Can Internet Explorer render SVG? Does the user have to install an SVG ActiveX control?
  5. Have you tried XUL implementations? Some of them even run in old Microsoft JVM, so no Sun Plug-in download is required on Windows machines.

    I personally like this implementation:

    There are a number of commercial implementations that are built using thinlet:

    This is a demo of a commercial product:

  6. Rich Thin Client[ Go to top ]

    As far as I know there are many approaches arround the world. Some are listed below:

    commercial: (Web/HTML) (Web/HTML) (Server side programming of thin Swing clients)

    free or open source: (Web/HTML) (Web/HTML) (Web/HTML & programming of thin Swing clients)

    or take a look here:
  7. Altio in the Real World[ Go to top ]

    Hi Ashwin,

    (Disclaimer: My apologies to TSS readers in advance for promoting Altio, but I felt it was relevant given the direct request in the original message)

    I have been working on Altio for the past 9 years and started the company in 1999 to deliver highly robust, interactive and performant applications that would run in virtually any browser or device.

    To date we have around 80 major customers and thousands of developers, most of whom are Fortune 1000 companies including many of the global investment banks who use AltioLive for mission critical, high reliability trading and related systems handling real-time market data and connecting to their core internal systems.

    AltioLive is used for the front end to a $3.5B government project handling highly secure and sensitive data accessed by around 400,000 users. There are also a number of companies that ship AltioLive embedded in their own products and our applications are deployed in multiple languages to over 30 countries worldwide.

    As has been mentioned in earlier threads, there are a number of alternative technologies out there that you might want to consider. We would also be happy to introduce you to some of our customers who will be able to speak to their own experience in using Altio for their applications.

    I wrote a related response to an earlier Rich Internet Application thread on TheServerSide that discusses this further.


    David Levett
    Founder and CTO, Altio
    CTO, Integra SP
  8. Hi, I've intergated Thinler ( with thin Java object broker that exposes all J2EE API on the client side with the runtime under 120 KB ( I created a sample JMS (pub/sub) based chat. The whole client runtime is under 150 KB. The JMS implementation is JbossMQ, but can be any other App Server. So basically marying JProxy and Thinlet produces thin enterprise ready clients.

    In this demo any number of people may join the same subject any chat. Joining a different subject will automatically dejoin you from the subject you have previously joined

    The links at the botom of that demo.html page show you the client source code with XUL descriptor. You can also download the client bundle onto your machine and run this client as a standalone application.

  9. Rich java/Swing clients on HTTP.[ Go to top ]
    and its free!

    Haven't used it yet, but idea is perfect