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    I am running a client program that calls ejbs under j2ee reference implementation server by Sun. In the client program (not within the ejb), I need to read some property files. But I cannot get "new FileInputStream(PropertyFile)" to work. I have imported the necessary packages.

    I cannot even instantiate a FileWriter for logging messages in this client program.

    Any help will be helpful
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    see if this code helps.
    String strPropfile = "";//property file must //be placed in class path

    Properties props = new Properties(System.getProperties());
    InputStream is = ClassLoader.getSystemResourceAsStream(strPropfile);

    props.load(new BufferedInputStream(is));
    System.setProperties(props);//sets default + ur properties //in the System...

    //access any Property in the file any where within the same //JVM
    RmiRegistry = System.getProperty("RmiRegistry");