TMC Releases SOA Application Development Specification


News: TMC Releases SOA Application Development Specification

  1. TMC has released the SOA Application Development specification, a follow-on to the SOA Blueprints spec TMC co-released with BEA in May. Commissioned by Oracle, the spec's primary intent is to provide a framework for comparison between different development tools/platforms for building service oriented applications.

    The specification focuses specifically on the Expense Reporting section of the SOA Blueprints sample application set, and is designed to measure development productivity across all tiers of a typical SOA-based application, including business process definition, interaction with persistence and task assignment, etc. The specification outlines this functionality in greater detail, making it suitable for comparative studies of this type.

    The SOA Development specification is available here:
  2. Does anyone know what tool/product they used for the process engine? is it Oracle JDeveloper? BEA WebLogic Integration, or IBM's WSAD Integration Edition? or is it just a diagram in Visio? :)
  3. All of the diagrams in this document are based on those defined in the SOA Blueprints V0.5 Specification. All diagrams, including the process diagrams were produced using Visio 2003. The process diagrams utilized a specially crafted set of shapes (42 in all) to represent control flow and activities within a business process.
  4. The diagrams are from the SOA blueprints which is available at They were built in Visio by Steve Wilkes, author of the SOA blueprints. The aim was to present a generic(not peculiar to any particular process engine) visual representation rather than describing the processes in words.

    Jeevak Kasarkod
    The Middleware Company
  5. Updated copy of download available?[ Go to top ]

    Is it possible to get an updated copy of the specification PDF? The copy that is coming down contains some figures where the captions for items are off the figure itself.
  6. Diagrams fixed[ Go to top ]

    TMC has posted an update to the document with fixed versions of the diagrams. There was a problem converting to PDF, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Miko Matsumura
    Industry Analyst,
    The Middleware Company
  7. Is the SOA Blueprint pdf still available?

    I went to the middleware site, tried to download the pdfs
    was forced to register and registered. I tried again
    to download and was forced to login. I logged in and
    went back to the download page only to be told to login

    I registered twice two different email addresses, got the
    confirmation email and clicked on the link. Its busted!

    I just want to read the pdf(s) on the SOA Blueprint, can
    anybody help?