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    The JAOO 2004 conference is happening this week and is a mix between Java and .NET sessions.

    Alex Vasseur, of AspectWerkz, gave some talks with Jonas Bonér, and also wrote up some detailed notes on interesting sessions that he went too, including Domain Driven Development, and Rickard Oberg on his AOP experiences.

    Read Alex's JAOO coverage on AOP

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    JAOO was particularly interesting from an AOP perspective. It was also great to hear a mix of J2EE and .NET material, although good to see that there still seemed a lot more interest in J2EE!

    I really enjoyed talking with Jonas and Alex about AOP. We hope to do more work together on Spring/AspectWerkz integration in the near future.

    It was also interesting to hear Rickard present on his AOP ideas and experience, and discuss them over a beer. The guy has certainly contributed some valuable ideas to the community... I'm currently looking at implementing his "abstract schema" concept in Spring 1.2. Due to the extensible design of Spring's AOP framework, it can be added without modifying any of the core AOP classes. While such strongly typed advice is not appropriate for the kind of middleware aspects that Spring itself provides and that most Spring AOP users seem most interested in, it offers a compelling value proposition for users building aspects into their domain model, as Rickard's company do.

    Guess I should blog on all this :-)