Cayenne ORM 1.1 Release Candidate Is Available


News: Cayenne ORM 1.1 Release Candidate Is Available

  1. Cayenne ORM 1.1 Release Candidate Is Available (2 messages)

    Cayenne is a full-featured open source ORM framework with professional GUI mapping tools. And the GUI tools just got much better with this release!

    More details on RC1. It includes major improvements to CayenneModeler - new preferences subsystem, local DataSources, and much more. A highlight of this release is definitely "local" DataSources configurable in the Modeler. This is a great productivity enhancement that allows local aliases for Cayenne DataNodes (mapped database servers). Now reverse/forward engineering is no longer an exercise in typing; multiple developers can work on the same project, logging in to their own preferred DB, without messing up shared mapping files; JNDI DataNodes are finally first class citizens in the Modeler; new DataNodes can be configured in <1 sec.

    Visit the Cayenne home page:

    With all the planned features checked in and most of the bugs fixed, we are now officially out of Beta and approaching 1.1 final. Stay tuned!

    Andrus Adamchik

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  2. Nice[ Go to top ]

    Verry nice job.

    I can't wait for my next app to try it out.
  3. I'm a Hibernate junkie myself, but I must admit that Cayenne has become a real option.

    The 1.1 GUI is just plain wonderful (mucho kudos) and more pleasant to work with than the mapping constructs in Hibernate. The Cayenne community is also very nice, as opposed to the rather elitical and sometimes arrogant tone at

    Good luck Andrus.