IBM announces new Portal and gets rid of "Lotus"


News: IBM announces new Portal and gets rid of "Lotus"

  1. IBM announces new Portal and gets rid of "Lotus" (5 messages)

    IBM released a series of new products and services in its Workplace productivity software lineup. IBM Workplace blends collaborative tools from Lotus Notes/Domino with WebSphere Portal and Everyplace technologies.

    Announcements include an updated version of the IBM WebSphere Portal, a new Express version of Workplace for SMBs, an on-demand Web conferencing service, and a set of role-based Workplace Solutions for vertical industries.

    In addition, in Tuesday's rollout Big Blue shifted the branding of the end-user-facing Workplace software platform, removing the Lotus name from the technology.

    Version 5.1 of WebSphere Portal includes new business process functionality through an integrated choreographed workflow. In addition, 5.1 delivers a virtual portals capability, which can "virtualize" one instance of WebSphere Portal across the organization. An integrated version of Lotus Workplace Web Content Management is also included in Version 5.1 of the portal.

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  2. Eclipse RCP is kool..[ Go to top ]

    I see big future for Eclipse RCP. And i have seen demos of Lotus workplace, it's ok but needs lot of polishing. The UI is not that appealing. But all the demos are in M$ Win XP, no screenshots provided for Linux or Mac.

    Anybody has info regarding good products on Eclipse RCP ?
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  4. IBM chews up another good technology[ Go to top ]

    You have to wonder who would plop down cash for IBM solutions. Their products are ridiculously expensive, not that well polished, very “FAT”, and not too well integrated with each other. I won’t even get into the crap that GTS puts out as “quality”.

    Lotus Notes was, and could have continued to be, revolutionary. Reworked to a front end web server tool, it would have be incredible. But alas, competing departments killed yet another promising product for IBM while putting at this crap called Websphere.

    To all of you at Lotus, sorry guys and gals. Oh well… at least fat products sell more (IBM) hardware.
  5. IBM chews up another good technology[ Go to top ]

    You have to wonder who would plop down cash for IBM solutions.

    Nobody's been fired for picking IBM. ;-)
  6. There are still plenty of Lotus Notes applications around. Some of them are quite sophisticated. It will be interesting to see what the migration path will be from Notes to Workplace is like. In response to the previous post, the Notes developers may not be "out of luck" if they learned Java. They may get a second wind porting Domino applications to Workplace. I bet IBM Global Services is counting on it. As far as "who would plop down cash for IBM solutions" -- the same companies to bought Domino would be my guess.