Enhydra Enterprise and Server 6.2-2 Released


News: Enhydra Enterprise and Server 6.2-2 Released

  1. Enhydra Enterprise 6.2-2 and Enhydra Server 6.2-2 releases are available. Enhydra Enterprise is a complete, integrated open source platform based on the J2EE 1.4 certified JOnAS server as well as a number of additional enterprise tools such as IDE, load balancing, management and monitoring, and more.

    Enhydra is an application server which consist of:
    - Enhydra Application Framework - Collection of Java classes which provide the build and runtime infrastructure for Enhydra applications. EAF is separate project and in Enhydra is included as binary distribution.
    - Enhydra IDE - Eclipse development environment with integrated useful plug-ins:
        - Enhydra Kelp: eclipse plug-in which integrates EAF, Enhydra XMLC and Enhydra DODS into your favorite development environment. It also includes an application wizard for your first steps
        - Lomboz: eclipse plug-in for J2EE developers by extending eclipse JDT
        - SQLExplorer: visual database design/query tool
        - Vex: visual XML editor
    - Enhydra Director - Web server plug-in for Apache, IIS and IPlanet supporting advanced load balancing / clustering and runtime administration.
    - Enhydra Conductor - MOD JK2 based web server plug-in to provide loadbalancing, clustering...
    - Enhydra Console - MC4J management console which enables you to connect to application servers in order to expose standard and custom information via the JMX specification. It also includes new JMX based Enhydra admin application.
    - Enhydra EnTray - State indicator of Enhydra Server. It offers access to deployed applications, start/stop server functionallity, ...
    - Enhydra Demos - Enhydra demo applications included as binaries and application sources realized as EnhydraIDE (eclipse) projects.
    - Enhydra tools used for application development (XMLC,
    Zeus, DODS, Barracuda...).

    Enhydra home page: http://enhydra.objectweb.org

    Enhydra Development Team
  2. Congrats to Enhydra team for this release!

    It's amazing to see that Enhydra is already available since almost 7 years and serves OpenUSS already for 5 years :-) I remember at that time Tomcat was really "horrible" for production environment, so that Lutris needs to jazz it up a bit :-)

    Now, Enhydra is completely based on Open Source tech. JOnAS, Tomcat, Jetty, which tell us: It's all about time. All Open Source products will slowly but surely become mature. Can a water bear, a cat and a whale live happily together? It seems so :-)


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