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    IBM's WebSphere Extended Deployment is a new J2EE application server product that takes a lot of developments in autonomic computing and grid computing and applies them to WAS, giving administrators better ability to ensure optimal application performance, optimize hardware utilization, and configure a cluster to monitor itself and take corrective action.

    For an overview of what WebSphere XD is and links for learning more about it, see WebSphere Extended Deployment (XD), part of Bobby Woolf's J2EE in Practice blog.

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    Does anyone know what new features will be in WAS XD 6, and when it will be released?

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    Yes :) but we can't talk about the content of an unannounced product in public until the product is announced. Until then, the best way to find out is to try join the beta program or contact IBM who will describe it for you once an NDA is signed.

    XD 5.1 obviously already has a lot of the function in 6.0XD. It's based on WebSphere 5.1.1 rather than 6.0. Both include the business grid function and the application partitioning APIs for real time applications.

    I'm happy to discuss 5.1XD features on this thread if you or other readers want.

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    Has IBM made websphere work or is this just yet another release of bullshit IBM marketware? Do we still need a Cray to run the admin console? 4G ram, dual 2Ghz xeon to run hello world?
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    Can you elaborate on the two features you mention (business grid function and application partitioning API's), and specifically, within the context of a J2EE Designer/Developer.
    For example, how (if at all) can I design and implement a highly compute intensive J2EE application such that work-units are efficiently scheduled over a GRID farm ?

    The "blurb" referenced by the original URL seems to imply this is more of a Deployment/Topology Configuration & Systems Administrator release.


  7. Ask your friendly IBM account manager.
    He will delight in telling you.